Photoelectrochemical biosensing for COVID-19: virus and antibodies

This project aims to develop a Photoelectrochemical (PEC) biosensor based on photoactive nanoparticles such as Quantum Dots (QDs) for the detection of COVID19 and related antibodies. Highly efficient QDs based on engineered core/multi-shelled structures will be developed and their interaction with a molecular recognition element (MRE) layer will be investigated. A consistent structure-property picture of virus and antibody detection will be developed by studying the relationship between QD-ligands structures and detection performance, to realize a new PEC biosensor that can be used in different conditions, under specific types of lighting. This research will be conducted in close collaboration between the Solstar Pharma R&D team and the INRS Intern for the whole duration of the project. The expected impacts will result in advancing knowledge regarding the biosensing mechanism of the virus, with the realization of a PEC biosensor for detecting COVID antibodies.

Jiabin Liu
Superviseur universitaire: 
Federico Rosei
Partner University: