Plant-based virucidal coatings for protective masks

The role of PPE in saving countless millions of lives of have been somewhat taken for granted because they are ubiquitous and relatively simple, leading them to be neglected as an active research area. There is limited personal protective equipment that have been developed to effectively protect against viruses in relatively fast contact times. Protective mask filtration is generally accepted to vastly reduce transmission but do not effectively inactivate viruses, and specialized coatings are needed in order to ensure viral inactivation to limit contamination within healthcare workflows. Specialized equipment with antiviral additives will contribute to infection control in high risk environments and can be standardized across masks, gowns, gloves, shields for full body protection. Developing local scientific support, alongside the expansion of Medicom’s manufacturing capability (supported by the Canadian Government to set up local mask manufacturing), will improves the flow of know-how, intellect, HQP and helps develop relevant research strategies.

Angela Wong
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Jake E Barralet
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