Predicting recovery in patients receiving disability benefits: A validated instrument

A significant number of long-term disability (LYD) claims accepted by insurers remain active for substantial time periods and are associated with considerable socioeconomic costs. There is inconsistency in the literature as to what factors predict recovery in these patients. Using the adminisatrative database of SSQ Financial, I will identify all factors that are predictive of claim resolution for all disability conditions. I will use the results from this analysis and a systematic review our group is completing (this evaluates all studies evaluating factors associated with recovery) to develop an instrument capable of identiying LTD claims at risk of prolonged recovery. I will validate this instrument prospectively in a cohort of incoming approved claimants at SSQ Financial. This will be the first validated instrument that identifies factors predictive of prolonged LTD upon claim approval, which will facilitate SSQ Financial's assignment of appropriate resources to incoming claims at an early stage.

Shanil Ebrahim
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Jason Busse
Project Year: