Predictive artificial intelligence for qualifying loan applications

The project focuses on the development of AI-based predictive models to improve the process of approval of credit applications both at the level of private and commercial loans. We will focus our work on analysis produced by these models fed not only with financial data, but also with customer behavior data. We will also pay particular attention to clients whose amount of information traditionally used to activate a favorable borrowing decision does not meet the criteria traditionally required. Based on two largely targeted groups, individual customers and commercial customers, we focus our research in the development of various models and algorithms according to 4 sub-segments (The mortgage segment, the vehicle-ready segment, the borrowing segment on demand, eg: line of credit and credit cards, and the commercial loan segment not linked to a person, but a separate entity such as an incorporation)

Fadoua Khennou
Superviseur universitaire: 
Moulay Akhloufi
New Brunswick
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