Product Development Specialist - Biomaterial commercialisation for neurosurgery applications

To date, the Shoichet laboratory has focused on a material which incorporates both a therapeutic and HAMC however, combining these elements complicates the commercialization. From the published literature we have a good indication that HAMC could be beneficial if delivered without an additional therapeutic. Two reports investigating delivery of HAMC alone have shown beneficial effects (a,b). These two reports used intrathecal delivery of HAMC to the spinal cord and observed dural healing in addition to reduced inflammation. Building on these reports we intend to develop uses of HAMC that are less invasive and thus simplify the path to clinical approval. Our objectives are: (1) Investigate less invasive application of HAMC that do not require the addition of a therapeutic; (2) Develop a marketing plan for HAMC; and (3) Develop HAMC as a product that can be used in the clinic.

Michael Cooke
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Dr. Michael Sefton
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