Projects allocation and advanced scheduling of concurrent construction projects

This project proposes multi-criteria decision-making and mathematical programming (optimization) techniques to design an integrated decision-making tool to assist organizations in managing this complex process and achieving more efficiency. For the first problem, allocating project managers, we develop a multi-criteria decision-making method that will offer the possibility to optimize the usage of PMs' time considering the specific constraint and the knowledge necessary for the projects. In the second problem, scheduling and supply chain coordination for construction projects, we will consider a portfolio of different concurrent projects and the objective to minimize the total logistics costs. We will formulate this problem as a mixed-integer linear programming model. The integration of logistics decisions with scheduling brings a second level of complexity (NP-hard), and it is important to develop heuristics solution approaches for solving real industrial problems.

Naziheddine Essakni;Muhammad Atiq Ur Rehman
Superviseur universitaire: 
Amin Chaabane;Mustapha Ouhimmou
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