Quantitative Digital Pathology Algorithm for an Automated Cancer Slide Imaging System

Digital Pathology provides a great reliable source for cancer diagnosis; however, this relatively new technique lacks an appropriate method of regulation and standardization. As a result the information obtained from cancer imaging system might suffer from inconsistency of the results (repeatability and reproducibility issues). Working with the BC Cancer Research Center, Logipath Medical Inc. has developed a number of quantitative pathology systems some of which have been spun off to commercial entities. However the wide spread use of these systems is hampered by the cost of the specialized instruments and experts needed to calibrate the imaging system .The proposed project will alleviate this problem and will be translated into industry programs to use images acquired from readily available WSS that already exist in many clinical pathology laboratories.

Nilgoon Zarei
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Pierre Lane
Project Year: 
British Columbia