Quantum Annealing Techniques for Efficient Graph Analysis

This research investigation aims to assess a set of well known NP-Hard problems that are currently only solvable with an approximation, and prototype implementations of a general solution to their class of problem previously developed by 1QBit. This requires a series literature and prior art reviews, prior to the development of new algorithms and code which will deploy an analog optimization process as part of their solution. Identifying ideal problems and refining recently developed solution is part of the larger research goals of 1QBit of finding methods to translate a range of problems into the ideal form for currently available adiabatic annealing hardware. This project is part of 1QBit's research program for how to best utilize an annealing oracle for intractable or poorly solved optimization problems.

Mustafa Elsheikh, Nam Hoang Pham, TBD
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Mark Giesbrecht
Project Year: