Real-Time Control of Integrated Stormwater Systems using a Model Predictive Control Approach

Burdened by aging infrastructures, urbanisation and climate change, municipalities are seeking innovative solutions to address urban water management. To mitigate flooding, riverbank erosion as well as stormwater-caused pollution, many authorities are now relying on green infrastructures and intelligent flow control instead of the traditional grey infrastructures (e.g., basins and pipes). The objective of this research is to develop an innovative approach to dynamically control emptying flows from stormwater systems to eliminate or reduce flooding and to limit the pollutant loads discharged in the receiving waters. For this, we propose to use a Model Predictive Control (MPC) approach. Using rainfall predictions, measurements and models, the MPC will control gate openings to optimize the use of the stormwater systems’ conveyance and storage capacities in view of minimizing flood risk, erosion and pollution.

Sovanna Tik
Superviseur universitaire: 
Peter Vanrolleghem;Dirk Muschalla
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