Redefining social participation in old age: The voices of older women and men from the baby boomer generation as the key to healthy aging?

As they witness several social successes, baby boomers are nowadays redefining the models of socialparticipation. This project thus aims to explore social participation of Quebecers’ baby boomer generationaccording to age, gender, cultural diversity and situations of vulnerability in a post-pandemic context by anexploratory qualitative study with 40 baby boomers. Rethinking baby boomer’s expectations and settings ofparticipation is important for Quebec’s health and support system, due to shared social support mechanisms havea positive influence on the health of older adults. Concretely this project will benefit to the FADOQ in two keyaspects: the adjustment level between social participation services and needs of new generations and the accessto academic knowledge.

María Dolores Majón Valpuesta;Louis Braverman
Superviseur universitaire: 
Mélanie Levasseur
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