Regeneration dynamics of white and red pine forests following surface fire: developing an ecosystem-based sustainable forest management strategy (PINEFIRE).

The cover and extent of pure and mixed pine forests in northeastern North America has significantly declined across their historic range, primarily as a result of changes in fire regime, unsustainable forest management practices, and increased tree mortality due to introduced pathogens. To address the decline of these ecologically, socially, and economically important ecosystems we propose a comprehensive research program aimed at developing an ecosystem-based sustainable forest management strategy to preserve mixed, and pure white and red pine forests at the northern limit of their distribution. The findings of this project will contribute to environmental, economic, social, and cultural well-being of the region, and improve the management of Canada’s pine forests resources. The partner organizations will therefore benefit from the research directly and indirectly. For example, through the elaboration and application of new management strategies and silvicultural treatments (CERFO), and tourism and conservation opportunities (SÉPAQ).

Melanie Anna Nicoletti;Sylvain Gagnon;Antoine Baulard
Superviseur universitaire: 
Yves Bergeron;Igor Drobyshev;Miguel Montoro Girona;Nicole Fenton;Tadeusz Splawinski
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