Rehabilitation of Concrete Pipes Using Honeycomb-FRP Composite Sandwich Infinite Pipe

The deterioration of our aging underground pipe network emerges as a critical problem. Concrete pipes may be damaged due to salt attack from outside and sulfide attack from inside, hence compromising its structural integrity. Repairs for such pipes are time-consuming and expensive. A revolutionary trenchless structural rehabilitation technique is introduced. In this technique Innovative honeycomb-FRP Composite Sandwich (HCS) are used for retrofitting concrete pipes (InfinitPipe™). On-site manufactured joint-free pipe technology will be applied to accomplish the concrete pipe repair mobile manufacturing unit (MMU). A water-tight durable smooth vessel is developed inside the host pipe that resists pressure and internal sulfide attack.

Bahira Abdulsalam
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Hesham El Naggar
Project Year: