Remediation of neutral mine drainage using magnetic modified biochar/natural polymer biocomposite

Nowadays, due to wastewater released from underground workings, decontamination of neutral mine drainage from toxic metals and rare earth elements is a public concern. They can pollute surface waters by their high mobility and solubility in water. Among the most common technics for the removal of pollutants, the adsorption method because of effective removal of metals, easy operation, and low cost is the most successful method. Biochar, as a novel adsorbent, has been receiving much attention because of the reuse of biomass, porous structure, and abundant functional groups. Natural polymers among different polymers have a long history in adsorption because of their biodegradability, being made from renewable resources, and nontoxicity. On the other hand, the presence of free hydroxyl and amine groups in their structure improves adsorption capacity. According to what was said, the goal of the present research is to remove toxic metals from neutral mine effluents by combining the modified biochar with natural polymers such as cellulose, starch, and chitosan to prevent aggregation and precipitation during the adsorption process as well as increase in adsorption capacity.

Mina Keshvardoostchokami
Superviseur universitaire: 
Carmen Mihaela Neculita;Ahmed Koubaa
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