Robust Islanding detection strategy for distributed generators

Concerning global warming and depletion of fossil fuel reserves, the integration of distributed energy generators into grids is rapidly increasing in the last decades. However, the distributed generators degrade power quality and may damage loads when islanding occurs in a part of the grid. To overcome these issues, all distributed generators must be equipped with anti-islanding detection and protection systems to shut down the distributed generator units in the islanded zones. Various anti-islanding detection strategies have been applied to the commercial grid-tie inverters also have been introduced in the literature. The major concerns and caveats of the employing anti-islanding strategy in grid-tie inverters are false anti-islanding detection, interference to other grid-tie converters operation, fast response, and dependency of anti-islanding detection strategy on grid parameters. Accordingly, in this project, an accurate, robust, safe, fast, and simple anti-islanding detection strategy for grid-connected inverters will be proposed and experimentally evaluated.

Mohammad Babaei
Superviseur universitaire: 
Kamal Al-Haddad
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