A scalable data science platform to support intelligent freight services and logistics

ShipHaul Logistics aims at developing an Intelligent Freight Services platform towards the digitization, integration and optimization of freight management. The proposed project is the first step to provide the foundations and infrastructure and kickstart the development of the envisioned platform. To this end, we will emphasize evaluation, testing and comparative studies concerning the efficiency and capabilities of various software solutions for the constituent modules of the proposed platform. This will enable informed decisions, both on an architectural and on an implementation level, to ensure the best development choices for the data science and the intelligent services platforms.

Mahsa Hadian;Soude Ghari;Saied Jamshidi
Superviseur universitaire: 
Marios-Eleftherios Fokaefs;Foutse Khomh;Samira Keivanpour;Maha Ben Ali;Quentin Cappart
Partner University: