Scale-up and Optimization of 3D Gel Dosimeters Year Two

The project aims at designing and manufacturing a series of products (gel dosimeters) that can be used for quality assurance of the radiation treatment of cancer: before treatment, a gel dosimeter is irradiated instead of the patient, and its colour changes to show the pattern of the delivered radiation dose. Then that colour change is imaged in a scanner and compared against the planned treatment. Any significant differences between the planned and delivered dose can be fixed before the patient is subjected to the radiation. Such an assurance improves the treatment outcomes and minimizes the side effects of radiotherapy. Should we be successful, our products will be reliable, inexpensive and readily available through the commercial network of our industrial partner. In addition, the partner has already developed a useful scanner for gel dosimeters and our new products will help the sale and product penetration of the scanners.

Kalin Penev
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Kibret Mequanint
Project Year: