Scale-up and Optimization of 3D Gel Dosimeters

Objectives: As stated in the Background section, the main goals of the proposed project are the design of a library of gel dosimeters and their fabrication on a commercial scale in batches of at least 20 litres. The following objectives can be identified towards achieving those goals: (i) production of 20-litre batches of the modified Fricke gel and the STz-gelatin gel dosimeters, as they are defined at the current stage of development; (ii) in-house testing of the products and distribution to radiation treatment centres for testing and feedback; (iii) product optimization, based on the provided feedback; (iv) development and optimization of the STz-gellan gum dosimeter; (v) large-scale production and process optimization for batch-to-batch consistency for all three systems; Note: as defined in the Background section, STz stands for substituted triphenyltetrazolium salts. 2. Overview of the gel materials and proposed modifications 2.1. Modified Fricke gel The ingredients of the modified Fricke system with increased shelf-life are: sulfuric acid, ferrous ammonium sulfate, xylenol orange, 5-nitro-1,10-phenanthroline and glyoxal, suspended within a gelatin gel matrix. The presence of 5- nitro-1,10-phenanthroline improves the shelf-life of the gel, but also makes it darker...

Kalin Penev
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Kibret Mequanint
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