Security Investigation and Solutions to Online Advertising Fraud Problems

The market share of online advertising, also known as Internet advertising, has been increasing dramatically in recent years. On the other hand, malicious behaviors, such as click fraud, have degraded the effectiveness of online advertising. Via fraud clicks, a considerable amount of revenues have been lost to fraud conductors. For instance, based on a report published by PricewaterhouseCoopers, click fraud accounts for as much as 36% of all advertising clicks, which costs defrauded advertisers hundreds of millions of dollars annually. Due to the complexity of advertising networks, it is challenging to combat the online advertising fraud problems. To understand the technical landscape, this proposal will first conduct systematic research to investigate the problems. Following that, the proposed research will develop a fraud detection scheme and integrate the fraud detection and partner organization’s leading software protection technologies. With these new technologies, the partner organization will be able to develop new products and services which go toward enhancing the security of online advertising.

Yegui Cai
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Chung-Horng Lung
Project Year: