Semantic versioning of model changes in decision support systems

Nowadays, almost any company in Canada in operation heavily relies on software solutions to improve their productivity. However, they are often facing the problem of having too many options to choose from for the software best fit for their needs. Decision support systems (DSS) help enterprises to take significant business decisions, such as finding the best software solution. Our industrial partner has developed a DSP that incrementally builds a decision model with customers preferences, choices, and ratings. However, as different users are making changes to the model, all these modifications must be tracked for comparison and merging purposes. This project aims to develop the differencing and merge conflict management specifically for DSS. We employ on advanced software engineering techniques to take into account the semantical changes that may occur and report them in a meaningful way to the user.

Manouchehr Zadahmad Jafarlou
Superviseur universitaire: 
Eugene Syriani
Partner University: