Setting conservation and restoration priorities in agricultural landscape: how to optimize ecosystem services and minimize trade-offs between beneficiaries

Agricultural landscapes represent challenging territories for the protection of nature and associated biodiversity and ecosystem services (ES). These services are the benefits that people get from nature and can be as diverse as getting pure water, experiencing air cooling or being protected from storm event. This project aims at developing methods to identify locations where to put our efforts for conservation and restoration actions in agricultural landscapes in order to optimize the supply of ecosystem services. We will focus on wetlands and rivers in the watershed Rivière du Nord, in the Laurentides, to explore approaches to identify sites to protect in order to maximize ecosystem services. Tools will also be developed to identify which river segments would lead to the maximal environmental gain if restored. The concept of Freedom space for rivers will be used to evaluate the recovery of river dynamics and the return of meanders and riparian wetlands. When exploring conservation and restoration scenarios, we will assess the benefits and costs for different types of people living in the studied landscape.

Jaramar Villarreal-Rosas
Superviseur universitaire: 
Monique Poulin;Pascale Biron
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