Shape Up Program Evaluation

Many existing programs encourage young people to move and eat better in order to counteract overweight and obesity trends and reduce chronic diseases. Despite this, rates remain high. This proposal is an evaluation project of Shape Up program which provides training, support and tools for summer camp workers to have a lasting impact on young people (from 8 to 11 years old) to move more and eat better on healthy habits. This project aims to evaluate the impact of Shape Up on counsellors and campers with respect to healthy eating and physical activity. It also aims to evaluate the capacity of the camps adhering to Shape Up to promote healthy eating and physical activity environments. The study follows a design that conducts measures at baseline followed by immediate post and 1-year post after participants have been at the camp.

David Larose
Superviseur universitaire: 
Jennifer Yessis;Vicky Drapeau
Partner University: