A smart edge computing infrastructure to support workflows, communication and logistic in COVID-19 healthcare facilities

The ability of the health system to manage a massive influx of patients is based on the combination of four factors: the personnel, the equipment, the physical spaces and the system in place. A combination better known in jargon as the 4 "S" (staff, stuff, structure / space, system). A fifth factor that is often misunderstood is synchronicity. With great adaptation to the workspace and team structures, a newly trained staff with new equipment, and a system of critical processes that evolve according to the evolution of the environment and the healthcare system status, synchronicity is essential. This synchronicity requires real time data and automations to enable already pressured teams and a stressed healthcare organization to adapt to unforeseen requests and needs.
In the actual project, we present a real time management system designed to empower healthcare systems and workers in the logistical chain of operation under a turbulent environment. This project will significantly help our organization to timely develop a more efficient and scalable C4 solution, capable of offering a wider range of OTT-services to medical personnel and, ultimately, save lives.

Yishu Malhotra;Arthur Daniel-Adde;Ruben Valencia;George Popescu;Radu Ionut Popescu
Superviseur universitaire: 
Gabriela Nicolescu;Maxime Raison;Sofiane Achiche;Franck Bares;Esma Aimeur
Partner University: