Smart planning of pilots and vessel transit on the Saint Lawrence River

Innovation Maritime is providing technical service to the advancement of the marine sector. In partnership with Innovation Maritime, this project aims developing planning optimization tools to be embedded in one of their decision support software for supporting a federal Crown corporation responsible of providing safe and efficient marine pilotage services to vessels transiting in the Saint Lawrence River. More specifically, these tools will allow analyzing many transit planning alternatives in order to determine the optimal transit with the minimum cost while also reducing fuel consumption. In addition to develop new models and methods for pilots scheduling and vessels transit planning, the project will train a group of highly qualified personnel with multidisciplinary competences including in transportation logistics, data analytics and optimization.

Chourouk Gharbi;Milad Hemmatian;Léo Gagnon
Superviseur universitaire: 
Mikael Rönnqvist;Jean-François Audy
Partner University: