Sounding Out the “Early” Applicability of Health Economics (HE) and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Considerations in the Drug Development Process

With the imminent emergence of personalized medicine and the availability of costly targeted drugs comes the crucial allocation of ressources within the halthcare systems. Determining which treatment options should be funded has become an increasingly difficult task. Decision-makers are relying heavily on pharmacoeconomic (PE) evalutions to decide which of them will be most effective and safe—but also, which will most improve the quality of life of patients and which will be most valued by society. Unfortunately, such considerations come later in the drug development process where most product-related decisions have already been made. This project seeks to examine the early application of HE and HTA by investigating related tools that could be implemented earlier at the R&D and preclinical phase where funds at the very forefront of innovation seek to invest. Venture capital firms like AmorChem will benefit by gaining such insight on their investments in that they can more concretely ensure commercial viability in the face of pharma, health-care systems and payers.

Alexia Di Quinzio
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Michelle Savoie
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