Stochastic Control in Network Coding Enabled Wireless Systems Year One

Network stochastic control is considered as a primary goal in the design of emerging wireless networks. One of the objectives in the stochastic control of wireless networks is to enable crosslayer designs to achieve stochastically optimal resource allocation in the physical and MAC layers. Different stochastic performance criteria can be considered in the optimal control of wireless networks. Delay is one of the most challenging ones and has been addressed far less in the literature. This project focuses on delay optimal stochastic control of network coding enabled systems which are considered as an important type of emerging wireless technologies in the last decade. More specifically, the goal of the project would be to study the existing stochastic optimization techniques (e.g., Lyapunov method, stochastic ordering, dynamic coupling, dynamic programming, etc.) and enhance them to apply in such systems. In this regard, delay is the main performance attribute we will study during this project.

Hassan Halabian
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. loannis lambadaris
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