Strength and durability testing for the doors and drawers of furniture and home appliances

This proposed research aims to test durability of doors of furniture and home appliances as well as drawers of the earlier by using robot manipulator to evaluate the quality and life-cycle of these products. Durability testing allows manufacturers to ensure product quality according to industry standards which gives them competitive edge through value-added brands. It also boosts their confidence on the aptness of their product, which in turn minimizes the chances of returned-products. Various durability tests are available, e.g., horizontal fatigue test for tables; seat load test, backrest strength test, and arm durability test for seats. However, techniques for testing doors and drawers of furniture and appliances are scarce. My Ph.D. research, aimed at developing control strategy for opening general doors through mobile manipulators, will be used as starting point for developing the objective durability tests. A future partner will benefit from this project by providing the proposed durability tests.

Saleh Ahmad
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Guangjun Liu
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