Structural and geochemical controls of mineralization of the Efemςukuru, low-intermediate sulphidation deposit, western Turkey

The MDRU of UBC proposes to conduct a study at the Efemςukuru gold deposit, located 30 km southwest of Izmir, Turkey. Efemςukuru is an example of an ore deposit formed from convecting hot, metal-bearing fluids in an area with abundant faults. One of the key objectives of this project is to identify how the geometry of the faults in the surrounding area controlled the metal-bearing fluids responsible for gold mineralization. Additionally, the project aims to characterize through geochemical analyses the nature of the veins the ore is being mined from, as well as to constrain the timing relationships between different sequences of veins, related magmatic intrusions, and the surrounding sedimentary rocks. These objectives will be met through geologic mapping of the field area, structural measurements taken on faults and veins, detailed characterization of diamond drillhole core, and sample collection of the primary geologic units present at Efemςukuru.

Kaleb Boucher
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Craig Hart
Project Year: 
British Columbia