Swiss-Roll Mixed Reactant Fuel Cell Chemistries

The project proposes to explore a series of alkaline chemistries in a novel Swiss-roll mixed reactant fuel cell (MRFC).The Swiss-roll MRFC is a recently developed fuel cell architecture which promises to significantly reduce the complexity and cost of scaling up fuel cell systems to commercially viable power supplies. The Swiss-roll MRFC concept has been proved with borohydride fuel, but as the borohydride system is limited in terms of commercial application, it is necessary to explore other fuels. Methanol, ethanol, formate and hydrazine are all well-established fuels, but they have never been tested in the Swiss-roll MRFC architecture. The project will involve the identification of catalysts, development of electrodes, and reactor design for these different chemistries. Reactor scale-up and stack design will also be explored for the integration of the MRFC into practical applications. The results of the project will be used by Mantra Energy Alternatives Ltd. to commercialise the technology.

Piotr Wojciech Forysinski
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Elod Lajos Gyenge
Project Year: 
British Columbia