Systems and methods for planning and guidance ofneurosurgical procedures

Synaptive Medical Inc together with researchers at Western University, are developing a new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) platform customizersd for clinical neuroimaging. This proposal is to fund a range of student and post-doctoral training activities associated with the development and testing of this new system. The program will also support the development and testing of MRI-compatible devices and technology for use with the new platform. This program presents an opportunity to involve trainees in the creation and development of a new head-only MRI system that is easy to site, lightweight, accessible, uses no liquid cryogens and yet delivers high performance neuroimaging. Overall project objectives include: development of faster and more sensitive diffusion encoding, enhanced methods for the generation of molecularly-specifc contrast, development and evaluation of MR-compatible medical devices and technology. These qualities are essential for bringing the benefits of MRI to healthcare settings where MRI has been unavailable or underutilized to date.

James Hopkins, Yonathan Araya, Spencer Parent and TBD
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Blaine Chronik
Dr. Timothy Scholl
Dr. Terry Peters
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