Technical viability of hydrogen gas storage in cased wells

The production of green hydrogen can alleviate the heavy burden of greenhouse gas emissions and allow the decarbonization of the industrial and transportation sectors. However, this energy carrier requires safe and economical storage solutions. An alternative and yet relatively underexplored solution is the storage of hydrogen gas (H2) in cased wells. For Quebec to become a leader in the field of hydrogen, Hydro-Quebec wishes to quickly implement a pilot project on its Varennes site to test this technology. The objective of the internship is to characterize the thermal and hydraulic properties of the Hydro-Quebec site and to develop numerical models to estimate the pressure and temperature parameters in the storage infrastructure. A good knowledge of these parameters is essential to minimize costs and ensure the safety of the infrastructure. Thus, the intern will alsoleverage artificial intelligence for optimization purpose

Antoine Bachand
Superviseur universitaire: 
Jasmin Raymond
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