Technologies for Living Independently: A Technology Case Study on Remote Patient Monitoring

The population age distribution is undergoing an “inversion” and the dependency ratio, i.e., the proportion of older adults who are not working over the number of adults who are working, is increasing. This has an effect on a society’s ability to deliver community-care services and the underlying national economic capacity to pay for their needs. Advances in ICT (information and communications technologies) promise to provide support for affordable systems of care that enable human resources to be used more effectively. The use of these technologies to support community-based care is complex and demands an approach fundamentally different from ICT in acute care. In acute care settings, highly trained clinical professionals deliver care in special-purpose clinical settings, and manage the related information in Electronic Health Records.

Yasir Malik & Antonio Miguel-Cruz
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Eleni Stroulia
Dr.Lili Liu
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