Testing and optimizing the performance of a digital micromirror device (DMD) for mid-wavelength infrared imaging

Mass fever screening, as the most effective way to control the spread of these pandemic diseases, is vital to reduce the impact of COVID-19 to Canada. However, existing methods for mass fever screening is largely inefficient due to limited sensitivity in temperature measurement, which is attributed to easy interference by ambient parameters, low resolution, and incorrect ways of deployment.
This NSERC COVID-19 Alliance project aims to develop single-pixel infrared imaging thermometry (SPIRIT) for mass COVID-19 fever screening via an academia-industry collaboration between INRS and Ajile Light Industries Inc. (ALI). In particular, we propose to complete this objective by three specific Aims that involve the development of hardware and software of the SPIRIT system and the application of the SPIRIT system in measuring the temperature of humans. INRS and ALI will provide necessary and complementary expertise that encompasses all research tasks proposed in this application. Both sides are committed to frequent interaction and communication to ensure the on-time execution and fast progress of this project and to facilitate the technology transfer. ALI will continually invest in this direction to quickly commercialize the proposed technique.

Jingdan Liu
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Jinyang Liang
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