Torrefaction applied to Municipal Solid Waste for efficient gasification

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is a pollution problem due to landfilling and its associated greenhouse gas emission. One prominent solution to this problem, as currently deployed by Enerkem, is to convert those waste into biofuel. This conversion uses a thermochemical process called gasification as a first step, for which the efficiency depends on the nature of the waste, notably its energy density. The latter is typically lower for MSW compared to fossil fuel but can be significantly increase by a pre-treatment known as torrefaction, hence promoting MSW to better feedstock for gasification and biofuel production. This research project focus on MSW torrefaction, a rather unexplored topic yet. Using lab experiments and small prototypes, this project will answer fundamental questions and develop predictive tools that, combined, will establish the basis for scale-up of the technology.

Yann Dufresne;Sherif Seifeldin
Superviseur universitaire: 
Stéphane Moreau
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