Towards Next Generation Translation Management with an adaptation to specialized and low-resource domains

This project fits into the strategic goal to accelerate transition to digital technology in working with universities to research and analyse industry trends. The second phase will help the Ciena Documentation team test ideas and to implement them in the Component Content Management System (CCMS) and Translation Management System (TMS) in order to improve their

ability to meet end-users’ expectations. The value proposition for Ciena is deliver exceptional user experience with the documentation and improving ease of use.
The outcomes of the project will contribute substantially to the progress of the Canadian ICT industry. Indeed, ENCQOR is the transformational Canada-Québec-Ontario partnership focused on research and innovation in the field of 5G disruptive technologies, on adoption initiatives and system uses. ENCQOR establishes the first Canadian pre-commercial corridor of 5G digital infrastructure — the key to making the digital economy a reality. ENCQOR’s five-year strategy and unique focus on providing access to 5G networks to SMEs, researchers and academia means it is purpose-built not just for unlocking the technological promise of 5G in the near term, but for driving long-term economic growth in Québec and Ontario and in the broader Canadian innovation ecosystem.

Mohamed Seghir Hadj Ameur;Soheila Ansari
Superviseur universitaire: 
Fatiha Sadat
Partner University: