Traceability Systems of the Next Generation: Towards Transparency, Agility and Sustainability in Quebec’s Seafood Supply Chain (SSC)

This project brings together university researchers, a Collegial Center for Technology Transfer - CCTT (Merinov), two young companies working in the sector of IT management tools (EOS Nation and reelyActive) and a Non-For-Profit Organization (Cercle-i) in order to address important research and development challenges facing the Seafood Supply Chain of the Gaspésie and Magdalen Islands region. The research team will study the possibility of adopting emerging technologies (including Blockchain, Internet of Things and Analytics) to improve the traceability of seafood, thus increasing the transparency of information, supply chain security and agility. Ultimately, this project may also have a positive impact on the sound management of the natural resources of the seafood industry in Quebec. To face this complex, multidimensional and multidisciplinary issues, the objective of this project is to develop a simulation platform integrating business aspects (supply chain management and data management) and technical aspects (integration of different emerging technologies) in order to be able to assess the potential gains and risks of an innovative traceability system.

Tinhinane Chikhi
Superviseur universitaire: 
Luis Antonio de Santa-Eulalia;Elaine Mosconi
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