Transdermal Alcohol Detection System through Measurement of Capacitance Change in a MEMS Device Year One

The proposed research develops a transdermal alcohol detection system. The system is comprised of an array of polymer based MEMS sensors and a sensor measurement circuit. The system analyzes gases exuded from the skin - the gases are chemical mixtures that may (or may not) contain ethanol. No known polymers respond only to ethanol; however, each polymer in the array creates a unique response to the presence of ethanol. When examined together - like a series of simultaneous equations - sensor responses accurately indicate the presence of ethanol. My contribution to the project will be the creation, integration and miniaturization of an electronic support system for the MEMS sensors and sensor measurement circuit. The electronic support system is a required component in the prototype transdermal alcohol detection system. Sober Steering will use the prototype system for testing required to validate the sensor system prior to its use as part of a commercial device.

Sangtak Park
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Eihab Abdel-Rahman
Project Year: