Transforming the reality of COVID-19 pandemic into photorealistic virtual reality for immersive training of health-care professionals

In the context of pandemics like COVID-19, the value of multidisciplinary skills for health-care professionals becomes more evident. Training these professionals to take on new roles and responsibilities can be time-consuming, costly, resource-demanding, and most importantly, risky. Photorealistic transformation of training environments into virtual reality (VR) can be performed using the advanced techniques of computer vision, photogrammetry, and computer graphics. We propose a systematic workflow that involves only one person and a compact, portable enclosure of sensors to record and capture the reality of a training environment in three dimensions. This information will be turned into an immersive VR-based training solution with specific learning objectives. The proposed solution provides trainees with a way to gain invaluable experience of dangerous and life-threatening health-care environments from the safety of a training room, to make mistakes during the training without any consequences, and to practice without the need for constant supervision.

Rafik Gouiaa
Superviseur universitaire: 
Moulay Akhloufi
New Brunswick
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