Transition in care of children with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases from pediatric to adult care: predicting disease relapses with mobile health technology, artificial intelligence and longitudinal microbiota analysis

More than 7000 children live with inflammatory bowel diseases, chronic incurable diseases, in Canada. Those children encounter several challenges during adolescence. Therefore, it is important to adequately prepare them for their adult life. A poor transition in care might have negative consequences on their digestive health.Two hundred adolescents and young adults (14-22 years) from CHU Sainte-Justine will be randomly assigned in two groups: (1) the experimental group will receive instructions to use daily a smartphone app (treatment adherence, lifestyle, physical activity, and educational messages) and monthly stool analysis with support feedback will be performed by the study team (2) The control group will only receive the usual care. The adolescents will be followed for one year. At the end of the year, the two groups will be compared as regards to disease knowledge and empowerment, quality of life, healthcare utilization. The results of this study will help physicians and caregivers to establish a personalized digital medicine in adolescents and young adults living with IBD.

Jolie Audrey Ova Doumbe
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Prévost Jantchou
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