Tumor Reduction and Enhanced Responsiveness to Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy Via Selective Removal of Iron: Mechanism and Preclinical Evaluation Year Two

Chelation Partners Inc. has developed a family of new and highly selective iron chelators such as DIBI. In collaboration with Dr. Hoskin, DIBI is being investigated as a novel anti-cancer agent. Preliminary research suggests that DIBI can selectively inhibit the growth and survival of cancer cells and render them more sensitive to radiation therapy. The proposed research builds on previous work to increase our understanding of how the removal of iron by DIBI affects cancer cells and makes them more sensitive to radiation and/or chemotherapy. This knowledge will be used to identify promising combinations of DIBI and other cancer treatment regimens that can be used together to improve cancer treatment outcomes. These studies will advance our understanding of cancer cell iron-dependency and will establish the in vivo effectiveness of DIBI in combination with radiation and/or chemotherapy to provide a strong rationale for further development of DIBI as an anti-cancer agent.

Anna Greenshields
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. David Hoskin
Project Year: 
Nova Scotia