Using Fiber Reinforced Polymers Reinforcement in Precast Segmental Tunnel Linings

With the development of tunnel construction techniques, precast segmental tunnel linings (PCTLs) have begun to play a crucial role in preserving ground surfaces and solving traffic problems in metropolitan areas. In parallel with growing interest in PCTLs, engineers are in the search of solutions that improve precast production efficiency and obtain higher structural performance. The application of glass fiber-reinforced-polymer (GFRP) reinforcement as a substitute for the traditional steel rebars in PCTL segments, could represent a suitable solution to the challenges of underground construction in terms of maintenance cost and durability. In this project, three phases including a series of structural tests on novel PCTL segments reinforced with GFRP reinforcement are proposed. The three phases include characterization of curvilinear GFRP rebars to be used in segments; structural testing of PCTL segments in the structural laboratory, University of Sherbrooke; and finite element analysis to optimize the design parameters for different load scenarios. Different parameters will be considered including size and grade strength of GFRP bars, longitudinal reinforcement ratio configuration of transverse reinforcement (closed and U-shape stirrups), and concrete type. A validated finite-element model will be used to extend the parameters and to minimize the project cost in a design-oriented parametric study.

Abdoulaye Sanni Bakouregui
Superviseur universitaire: 
Brahim Benmokrane
Partner University: