Validation of a novel digitized trail making test - Year two

Age-based diseases of cognitive dysfunction such as dementia and Alzheimer’s are a growing problem in Canada that already cost the healthcare system over $10 billion annually. The ability to provide the general public with ubiquitous access to iterative cognitive function testing would be extremely valuable to the individual, society, and science. LRDG has commenced development of a digital cognitive test to achieve this goal. However, before the test can be commercialized, its function must be verified, and test outcomes must be validated. In the context of this fellowship, these activities will comprise a year of user experience (UX) testing in close communication with the test developers at LRDG to refine the test to beta level. The second year will involve iterative within-subjects and cross-validation with a non-digital version of the test. This fellowship is the initial step in what is envisioned as a broader multi-year research collaboration involving neurophysiology and multiple subject populations.

Jared Boasen
Superviseur universitaire: 
Pierre-Majorique Léger
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