Valorizing Industrially Produced CO2: An Effective Solution for Carbon Capture and its Conversion to Marketable Products

Sequestering the industrially produced CO2 leads to its capture via the underground formation of stable inorganic carbonates/bicarbonates. An alternate approach is to convert the CO2 into valuable organic products having commercial markets. The incorporation of CO2 as block molecule with which to expand the platform is part of the Enerkem strategy aiming to further improve the use of Carbon from waste. Such strategy is deployable across Alberta. It will likely constitute the first world model of an integrated Carbon utilization blending biomass C, recyclable C and fossil C resulting in an optimized energy system. The proposal is aimed to validate, further develop and implement an effective and efficient technology that will “recycle” CO2 from, and captured by, the petrochemical sector (amounts available in Alberta are more 120 million metric t/y recovered as CO2-rich streams) via its conversion into CO. Such conversion is carried out using combined CO2/steam reforming of methane.

Omid Ebrahimpour
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Natalia Semagina
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