A wireless headset for power-aware EEG/non-EEG signals processing and seizure warning

Epilepsy is a debilitating neurological disorder affecting approximately 50 million people worldwide (World Health Organization). This project proposes to develop a SMART (Seizure Monitoring At the Right Time) Headset for these patients to monitor their brain signal and track their movements, heart rates and breathing patterns. This headset will have new types of sensors suitable for long term usage and sleep. An intelligent micro-chip in the headset will track patient continuously and detect epilepsy syndromes, and warn patient and caregiver in advance (e.g., few seconds to minutes), which may  prevent a patient's life threatening accident. This SMART Headset will connect globally through patient's mobile device and allow the clinicians monitor the patient remotely 24-hr/7-day with less clinical expense and government healthcare cost. This device will provide continuous personal assistance and may allow patients to work full-time and live independently, and reduce government burden in healthcare and boost economic growth.

Muhammad Salam
Superviseur universitaire: 
Dr. Martin Campo
Project Year: