Investigation of In-Situ Flux Effect on Hydride Properties in Zr-2.5Nb Pressure Tubes in CANDU Reactors

The main objective of this proposal is to investigate the effect of in-situ flux on the structure and fracture properties of zirconium hydrides in cold-worked Zr-2.5Nb pressure tube material. 3. Experimental Methodology Post Doctoral Fellow Name: Yasir Idrees 3.1 Material and Specimen Preparation An unirradiated, cold-worked Zr-2.5Nb pressure tube will be used for this work. A tube section will be hydrided to target hydrogen concentration of 150 ppm using an electrolytic hydriding and thermal diffusion technique.

Development of High-Performance Microwave Radio Network Systems with Broadband and Polarization Diversity Antennas to be Integrated with High-Speed Optical Fiber Networks

Objectives: Manitoba Hydro Telecom (MHT) has proposed the development of a state-of-the-art optical communication network using Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop Multiplexers (ROADM) employing Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM). MHT will use ROADMs compliant with currently established industry standards such as ITU G.709 and G.8032. ROADMs with WDM methods with 50 GHz channel spacing enable up to 88 wavelengths to be carried on a single optical fiber.

An investigation of the use of collaborative and adaptive root cause analysis (CARCA) technique in a professional health, safety, and environment training program

The proposed research aims to test the relative merits of the “collaborative and adaptive root cause analysis” (CARCA) technique. Through this technique, the aim is to enhance Health, Safety, and Environment employers’ appreciation of complex events and phenomena associated with operational incidents, contributing to their professional development as joint thinkers. Various incident-based scenarios will be used to prompt participants to make inquiry, and collaboratively identify the multiple root causes that contributed to the make-up of those incidents.

"Recherche de traceurs chimiques dans l’huile isolante permettant de déterminer indirectement la vie résiduelle des transformateurs de puissance *Renewal, previous title ""Recherche de traceurs chimiques dans l’huile isolante permettant de déterminer ind

Un problème réel dans l'industrie des transformateurs de puissance est le manque d'outils et de méthodes précises pour déterminer l’état et la durée de vie de l’isolation principale. Ces appareils onéreux, composés d’enroulement de cuivre isolés par du papier et le tout baignant dans une huile isolante, représentent le coeur de tous réseaux électriques. Le but de ces stages est de déterminer des traceurs chimiques, capables de prédire le niveau de dégradation/vieillissement de l’isolation solide des transformateurs de puissance.

Optimized DAP Placement and WiMAX Planning for Smart Grid

Smart grid aims at improving the power grid performance, security and reliability through monitoring, controlling and protecting the grid dynamically. As communication infrastructure and technologies provide two-way data communication between grid endpoints, they are the key enablers for smart grid realization. WiMAX and 802.15.4g is among the dominant considered communication technologies for smart grid implementation.

Magnetic Compression and Stability of Spheromaks

The objective of a fusion device is to confine a plasma and heat it to a temperative high enough for its ions to gain sufficient energy to overcome their mutually repulsive force and fuse. Fusion neutrons will provide a heat souce that's used to generate electricity in a steam cycle. Fusion power is environmentally friendly and the fuel source is abundant. A spheromak is a toroidal plasma configuration that has internal currents to maintain the magnetic field that keeps it together. Several methods are used to compress spheromaks at General Fusion.

Adaptation d’une modélisation statistique de l’érosion de cavitation à un autre type de turbine hydraulique et intégration d’un modèle physique

L’une des stratégies mise en oeuvre par Hydro-Québec pour accompagner la demande croissante d’électricité, consiste à caractériser les phénomènes contribuant à la dégradation des turbines hydrauliques. Dans cette optique, le phénomène de cavitation est étudié, car il est à l’origine de l’érosion et donc de l’endommagement des turbines. Ce phénomène correspond au passage de l’eau de l’état liquide à l’état gazeux sous l’effet d’une baisse de pression, engendrée par la rotation des aubes de la turbine.

Stratégie de contrôle optimale de la production électrique dans un site isolé

Le but du projet est d’optimiser la production d’électricité en site isolé par l’étude de la stratégie de contrôle. Cette stratégie correspond à tout ce qui régit le choix des modes de production en tout temps. Elle repose sur des valeurs « seuils » guidant les choix des modes de production. L’objectif d’une stratégie de contrôle est de produire de façon optimale. Dans le cas de ce projet, il s’agit de réduire la consommation de diesel ainsi que le nombre d’arrêts et de démarrages des génératrices. Premièrement, le cas des génératrices seules sera abordé.

Numerical Investigation of Long-Term Settlement of Waba Dam

Waba Dam is a zoned earth fill structure that was constructed on a deep soft, sensitive marine clay layer. This marine clay layer is characterized by its low shear strength and a large void ratio. During the last 32 years, the dam and its foundation has settled over 1.5 m (5 ft). Piezometric readings indicated that the excess pore water pressure in the foundation has not yet fully dissipated.

Advanced Mass Spectrometry ExperimentDevelopment (AMASED)

This project will develop, test and then apply new mass spectrometry (MS) methods of measuring radionuclides and their decay products. This approach will provide rapid and economic measures of radionuclides that are important in human health and environmental protection nuclear facilities. We will work closely with our partners to ensure that the methods are validated and are comparable to convention radiochemical and nuclear counting techniques.