Narrations augmentées en littérature jeunesse: processus créatifs multimodaux et mécaniques collaboratives

Ce projet vise à documenter et analyser les processus de création et mécaniques collaboratives impliqués par la mise en place de livres augmentés jeunesse, et ce à travers le développement d'une séries d'oeuvres associant animation, texte, musique, et fonctionnalités interactives, et d'une interface de création mutlimodale à destination des jeunes utilisateurs.

Développement de règles de rétroaction pédagogique pour un logiciel de simulation de l’évaluation clinique destiné aux étudiantes infirmières

Ce projet de recherche consiste à investiguer et développer le contenu pédagogique nécessaire pour un logiciel de simulation et à valider l’outil auprès d’étudiantes infirmières au baccalauréat. À part les mannequins de haute fidélité utilisés dans certaines écoles infirmières, il n’existe pas à notre connaissance d’outil techno-pédagogique permettant de pratiquer l’évaluation clinique et la documentation électronique de la démarche des soins.

An Integrated GPS/INS/Visual Positioning System for Head-Mounted Devices

The Recon Jet is an eyewear that is targeted towards cyclists and runners. The Recon jet is attractive because it displays the athlete's performance, such as maximum speed and acceleration in real-time using the Recon Jet heads-up display technology. The current Recon Jet has a GPS receiver and onboard sensors that track the athlete position, and velocity, and displays the athlete's ride data on a map. The current Recon Jet GPS receiver and onboard sensors have poor positioning accuracy of the athlete at times when GPS receiver signal reception is lost.

Dynamic Light Redistribution Algorithm Advancement for High-Dynamic Range Digital Projection

This project will investigate and develop advanced algorithms for high dynamic range projection using caustic image formation. These algorithms dynamically redirect light from dark image regions to bright regions, which addresses the problems of low peak luminance and poor black levels in current projectors. The algorithms will improve upon existing lensing methods by increasing computational efficiency and improving contrast. This project will produce viable algorithms for light redistribution in cinema projectors.

ENGAGE: The Role of Academic Research and Technology Innovation for Improving Parkinson’s Disease Outcome and Life-style modifications Year Two

Phase I: Development of Intellectual Property to Facilitate Partnership Agreements with Business and Non-profit Organization. Before partnership agreements with the business sector (companies) and not-for-profit organizations can be undertaken, intellectual property rights need to be established.

Enhancing Small-cell Wireless Backhauling

The cellular network nowadays faces an uphill battle against the explosive growth of mobile data traffic. Deploying low power radio base stations covering small cells within the current cellular coverage area is a promising approach to significantly boost the network capacity, provide better coverage, and reduce network congestion.

A Hybrid Wireless Power Transfer System

One of the major bottlenecks in portable devices is the limited energy provided by batteries. Some devices can afford larger battery packages and thus extend their battery longevity. However, for small portable units such as Recon Instrument's sport goggles, using larger batteries is not feasible. This research is mainly focused on remote charging for separation distances of up to 50 cm. It will lead to design and implement a dual-mode (hybrid) wireless power transfer system that is capable of both providing a "top-up" power as well as recharging the battery of the portable units.

Quantum Annealing Techniques for Efficient Graph Analysis

This research investigation aims to assess a set of well known NP-Hard problems that are currently only solvable with an approximation, and prototype implementations of a general solution to their class of problem previously developed by 1QBit. This requires a series literature and prior art reviews, prior to the development of new algorithms and code which will deploy an analog optimization process as part of their solution.

Linguistic Cues for the Extraction and Synthesis of Speech in Extreme Noise

Malaspina Labs Inc. develops algorithms for enhancing speech in extremely noisy audio signals for real-time applications such as hearing aids and mobile devices.

Error Resilient Communication and Processing Techniques for Streaming Data Year Two

Emerging applications such as interactive video conferencing, Voice over IP (VoIP) and cloud computing are required to achieve an end-to-end latency of less than 200 milliseconds. In many wireless networks, the round-trip time can alone reach this limit. Hence it is necessary to develop new delay-optimized networking protocols and delay-sensitive coding techniques in order to meet such stringent delay constraints. The proposed project will investigate both theoretical foundations and practical implementations to reduce delays in interactive communication scenarios.