An Advanced Translucent Housing with Electronic Feedback System for Pump Technology

Toyo Pumps is planning to develop a new generation of pumps with a viewing window in order to evaluate the maintenance timing. However, there are several challenges posed by application of allocating the viewing window that the company product developers must overcome. The University of British Columbia (UBC) has the expertise, equipment, 2D and 3D braiding facilities on composite structures and electronics. By combining the strength of Toyo Pumps and UBC, it is believed that this research project will reduce the design cycle time and improve the level of innovation.

Development of an industrial process for colour removal of plasticizers

The projects consist to apply commercially known colour removal technology to a used plasticizers blend produce in Tarkett vinyl sheet flooring plant. Using a continuous packed bed column, the intern will screen the performance and efficiency of several colour and metals removal resins. Following the colour removal experiments, the effect of adding the treated material in Tarkett formulation will be evaluated through different quality control tests developed by the company. In the instance that economically relevant results are obtained, a unit design will have to be carried out.

Maximizing Efficiencies - Identification of Optimization Based Best Practices for Commercial 3d-printing

The research project seeks to understand, model and analyze the potential efficiency impact of additive manufacturing (AM or 3D-printing) on select manufacturing processes. The research will involve identifying, testing and measuring optimization opportunities in current manufacturing processes by combining current best practices and technologies across various AM technology and services, operational research methods and standard data mining techniques.