Optimization of the Orpyx SurroSense Insole to provide valid and reliable measurements of plantar pressure and foot kinematics in distance running

There is a major technology gap for simple unobtrusive pressure insoles that can be used while running to provide feedback to athletes looking to improve performances and prevent injuries. Orpyx Medical Technologies have created a pressure sensitive insole capable of providing real-time foot pressure feedback to patients with peripheral neuropathy. With minor modifications, the Orpyx SurroSense Rx TM insoles could be used to address the measurement needs of runners. This project will provide hardware modification recommendations to Orpyx to optimize their insoles for running.

Deformable shape-based registration for MR-compatible robotically assisted prostate interventions

Prostate cancer is the second most cancer related death in men, accounting for over 111 M$ yearly in Canada. Current prostate biopsy or therapy procedures such as transperineal brachytherapy use transrectal ultrasound guidance and a template to guide needles along parallel trajectories. However, pubic arch interference (PAI) with the implant path obstructs part of the prostate from being targeted by the brachytherapy or laser ablation needles.

A new low cost device for skin monitoring

This project is aimed to develop an inexpensive device for general public in monitoring skin healthcare condition. The device will be able to take magnified images of skin in order to observe more detailed skin conditions. A low cost version of the device will be able to attach to a smartphone and use the built-in camera on the smartphone to take skin images. Another stand along version of the device will have a camera itself and will be able to wirelessly transmit images taken to other devices, such as PC or tablet.

Cross modality image processing in cardiac and spinal images

With the advances of medical imaging, accurate diagnosis has been significantly enhanced, especially when utilizing cross-modality imaging for complicated diagnoses such as the spine and cardiovascular system. However, cross modality image processing poses a challenge due to large amount of data generated. Computer Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) images, for example, have great capacity for screening, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cardiac and spinal diseases.

Attenuating the post-operative insulin resistance and promoting protein anabolism in patients undergoing colorectal cancer resection

Post-operative insulin resistance, hyperglycemia and loss of body protein are the features of post operative stress- induced catabolic response which is associated with increased morbidity, mortality and adverse outcomes post operatively. There has been a great deal of research on different approaches to optimize the post-operative insulin sensitivity such as hormonal and nutritional modifications and interventions, developing minimally invasive surgical techniques and epidural anesthesia. However, the correlation between insulin resistance and body protein loss is not well understood.

Water-Safe UV Curable Antimicrobials Nanoscale coatings for Plastics

Our research is focused on finding new ways to combat the spread of Hospital acquired infections (HAI’s) in hospitals and other institutional work places. Our research combines a new non-leaching chemical nanotechnology that forms a protective barrier to difficult surfaces and kills bacteria on contact. The nanocoatings are water based and fix readily to surfaces such as plastic by exposure to low UV radiation. These transparent nanocoatings are invisible to the naked eye but act as sentinels and avoid the formation of harmful bacterial colonies

The Effects of a Novel Knee Brace Design for Assisting Knee Extension in Healthy Individuals

Spring Loaded Technology is a Halifax, Nova Scotia based start-up company focused on developing innovative knee bracing technology. Their Levitation™ knee brace has been developed to assist knee extension in people with leg weakness, but it has not yet been tested. The proposed research project will test the Levitation™ knee brace in healthy people, providing feedback to the Spring Loaded regarding the efficacy of their knee brace. Participants will be tested with and without the brace to compare its effects on knee extension torque and muscle activity.

Modélisation et caractérisation à la pression atmosphérique de lentilles électrostatiques à focalisation forte de type quadripolaire

Le projet de maîtrise consiste à faire l'essai d'un certain type de lentilles électroniques spécialisées, appelées lentilles à focalisation forte, que sont les lentilles quadripolaires électrostatiques. Ces lentilles sont généralement utilisées dans des appareils analytiques comme les microscopes électroniques, les spectromètres de masses, les accélérateurs de particules qui fonctionnent tous à de très basses pressions.

Développement d’une méthode de segmentation semi-automatique des structures hépatiques

Développement d’une méthode de segmentation et de reconstruction semi-automatique des structures hépatiques à partir d’images CT et IRM pour leur intégration dans la plateforme ORS Visual.

Montage d'un systeme de production continue de nanoperles de carbone

Le projet vise à metre au point un nouveau système de dépôt de vapeurs chimiques capable d’assurer une production continue et en grande quantité des nanoperles de carbone de qualité. Ces nanoperles constituent un nouveau type de matériau à base de carbone avec des propriétés exceptionnelles pouvant assurer leur utilisation dans de multiples applications électro-optiques. En particulier, elles pourront être utilisées dans la fabrication des cathodes froides pour une nouvelle génération de générateurs de rayons-x portables.