La technologie et les connaissances inuites réunies pour lutter contre le réchauffement de la planète

À titre de directrice générale de SmartICE, Carolann Harding explique : « Nous sommes d’abord et avant tout une entreprise à vocation sociale, et nous prenons la question très au sérieux. Pour nous, optimiser l’impact social positif sur nos partenaires communautaires est notre priorité absolue. » 

Le début de SmartICE

Une compagnie minière de Terre-Neuve trouve le filon avec des étudiants locaux

Maintenant, une nouvelle ressource locale, des stagiaires de recherche du collège, combinés avec la technologie moderne, aideront Anaconda à percer une nouvelle solution pour développer la mine placer.

Soutenus par Mitacs, les étudiants du Collège de l’Atlantique Nord (CNA) aident l’entreprise à trouver un processus minier rentable pour extraire de l’or de Deer Cove, tout en laissant l’habitat naturel largement intact. C’est le premier projet Mitacs à Terre-Neuve qui jumelle des stagiaires du collège avec une entreprise.

Éradiquer l’infection de poux du poisson


« Les poux du poisson sont difficiles à contrôler », explique Albert Solares, un chercheur de Mitacs au centre des sciences océaniques de l’Université Memorial de Terre-Neuve. « Ils sont minuscules, se propagent rapidement et s’accrochent afin de se nourrir voracement sur le saumon. »

The Dual Effect of Normobaric Hypoxia on Heart Rate Variability and Substrate Partitioning During Exercise and Recovery

The research proposal is designed to examine the relationship between metabolism and the autonomic nervous system during exercise and recovery. This randomized, controlled crossover design experiment will consist of three sessions. The first session is a familiarization session. The second and third sessions will be the same, except the exercise portion will be done in either hypoxia or normoxia. For the second and third sessions, participants will first complete a basal metabolic rate, and then the participant will cycle (intervals) for an hour.

Benefit Agreement Opportunities for the Newfoundland Start-Up Community

The goal of this research is to explore opportunities for the Newfoundland and Labrador government to optimize BAs with oil and gas companies in a manner that feeds the development of entrepreneurship and innovation throughout the province. IVC Consulting Inc. is a Newfoundland-based consulting group that helps clients find innovative, valuable and creative ways to improve their business. IVC often works with resource sector businesses to identify opportunities to increase their competitive advantage and public profile in the local market.

The Assessment and Evaluation of Physical and Biochemical Measurements for Leading Indicators to Injury and Illness for Canadian Association of Petroleum Producing workers

The goal of this research project is to explore the current definition of obesity along with the association of body fat distribution and biochemical markers with serious health conditions. Our investigation will employ the utilization of the dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (the current gold standard to measure body fat percentage, subcutaneous body fat and visceral body fat) to more accurately define obesity and its association with cardiometabolic risk factors.

Investigation on developing a scaled-up plant to remove hazardous metals from spent catalyst in Newfoundland and Labrador

The aim of this internship is to investigate the possibility of a scaled-up green process to design, and develop an industrial plant to remove the hazardous materials from spent secondary materials such as spent petrochemical catalysts, in Atlantic Canada. The intern will be responsible to develop a whole process flow diagram, as well as a detailed cost analysis. By identifying a feasible environmentally-friendly process, the industrial plat will be able to treat various hazardous wastes locally, thus there are different potential short and long-term benefits to the partner organization

Novel product and process development for berry powder productinusing enzyme technology

The research aims to develop new technology for production of nutritional berry powders with lower production cost and higher quality. The project will test the properties of the raw material and formulate new method for processing the sample for simpler and cost effective production process. With the outcome of this project, the partner organization will be able to sell high quality product and gain a higher profit margin. The intern will get an oppourtunity to implement the principles of fundamental science in an industrial framework.

Full Scale Ice Impact Data Analysis

The main objective of this project is to conduct a comprehensive data analysis of the full scale ice impact measurement and temperature measurements taken on board an Arctic tanker and compare with existing data sets and analytical models. The results will be used in support of developing and improving ice class rules, design criteria, and guidance on modern large icebreaking merchant vessels to enhance safety of Polar Ships. The results may also be used to validate or calibrate ice transit simulation models.

Numerical investigations of arctic pipeline leaks and its fate

Leak detection and location identification of leakage of arctic pipelines in a timely manner is very important because the economic impact of an oil spill to its stakeholders can be huge. It could have an adverse impact on life, the environment, the economy and corporate reputation. In this study a numerical investigations will be employed using CFD packages for simulating pipeline leaks using various test fluids. The simulation will show the influence of small leaks on local pressure and temperature gradients, and the acoustic signature contours around the leak source.