Exploring the Uptake and Impact of Using the LEADS in a Caring Environment Frameworkto Enhance Leadership Capacity in Health Systems

The health system in Canada is increasingly recognized as a complex adaptive environment requiring system wide perspectives and approaches for improving outcomes. The World Health Organization has identified leadership as a key building block of systems change, yet evaluating the value of investment in leadership development is challenging. LEADS is an evidence-based leadership development framework offered through the Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCHL), complemented by four 360 LEADS© self-assessment tools.

Learning from the Past: Strengthening Collaborative Skeena River Watershed Fisheries Management

The Skeena River near Prince Rupert is home to five species of salmon, steelhead and many other aquatic species, and draws diverse interests which include: federal and provincial governments, First Nations, commercial and recreational fishers, non-governmental environmental organizations, small businesses, and the public. Parties with diverse ecological, economic and cultural interests such as these present complex challenges that can impede collaborative fisheries management.