Real-time AI-based Anomaly Detection of 5G Network Latency ** Extension with new objectives and deliverables **

LatenceTech offers a cloud analytics and monetization solution for cellular networks with a special focus on ultra-low latency connectivity. Using SAAS and AI, our solution helps mobile operators, telecom vendors and advanced industries to track, predict and secure the new benefits of 5G cellular technology.This project consists in creating ML Models to perform near real-time anomaly detection of the response time (latency) of 5G cellular technology.

Integrating Artificial Intelligence-based tools and citizen science to enhance biodiversity research and conservation of the charismatic praying mantises (Insecta: Mantodea).

Insects are a key component of ecosystems, economies and human cultures. The Montreal Insectarium seeks to connect the public to nature through engagement with insects, implementing educational programs and citizen science-based research to encourage their conservation. Charismatic species such as praying mantises are instrumental in this context, fostering knowledge of and positive attitudes towards insects through their aesthetic appeal and cultural and commercial value.

La diversité bio-culturelle comme outil de lutte biologique en agriculture urbaine

L’étude porte sur les associations de plantes en agriculture urbaine au sein des plantes de la famille des Brassicacées, tels que le chou, le brocoli, la moutarde, la roquette, etc. Certaines plantes en compagnonnage aux cultures de la famille des Brassicacées ont des fonctions intéressantes pouvant l’imiter l’infestation d’insectes ravageurs. Les insectes ravageurs peuvent nuire à la productivité de ces cultures et parfois même, tuer les jeunes plants.

Artificial intelligence-powered approach for strategic pharmaceutical portfolio management based on a priori estimation of clinical trial success evolution

Drug development process is time consuming, expensive, complex and highly risky. The nature of risk in this industry is multidimensional. One important dimension involves clinical development since late-stage development failures are the costliest. If pharmacological efficacy and safety remain well-known failure factors, the literature abounds on a multitude of important failure risk factors of a strategic, operational and commercial nature. In addition to being difficult for humans to control, the decisions associated with these risk factors are major contributors to failure in late stages.

Technical and Procedural Knowledge Extraction with Question Answering

Engineering organisations like Thales rely on large quantities of technical knowledge. When resolving a technical problem, for example, users have to follow a multi-step procedure in which the steps are described with various levels of detail, may not be up to date, or may not target the exact problem they are facing. In this context, our project aims at developing AI language and knowledge representation models that will represent technical knowledge from an unstructured dataset of procedures, in order to identify missing knowledge through a question-answering process.

Feature and Subgraph based Graph Neural Network (GNN) Explanations

This project will develop a graph neural network model that generates a prediction (e.g. detects anomalies) together with a set of explanations as to what the model based its prediction on. The model applies to dynamic graphs (such as wireless communication networks), and the explanations generated are either based on the properties of the graph nodes (e.g. parameters of network cells, such as traffic or power consumption) or the connectivity structure of the node (e.g. the state of the neighboring cells).

Impact of a novel enriched supplement on the oral microbiota of dogs.

Periodontal diseases are the most important condition diagnosed in dogs’ mouth. Bacterial biofilm, also called dental plaque is the first step on the development of periodontal diseases and nearly 100% of dogs will develop dental plaques if routine removal is not regularly performed. The oral microbiota has been recently implicated in the development of dental plaques in dogs. The objective of this study is to evaluate the consequences of a supplement product containing natural substances with antimicrobial properties on the oral microbiota of dogs. To do so, 14 healthy dogs will be used.

Consolidating High-Frequency and Textual Data for Optimal Anomaly Detection in Derivative Markets

In the last few years, a high increase in the interest of traders and investors towards financial instruments directly led to an important augmentation of the information received daily by exchanges. Exchange regulators, who constantly monitor markets to unveil potential infractions, traditionally perform their investigation manually and the notable growth in market activity represents an important risk of fraudulent events going unnoticed. In response to that new reality, exchanges around the globe are establishing automated surveillance systems that track market activity.

Entraînement d’un agent conversationnel en assurance

Koïos Intelligence est à la source de l’agent conversationnel Olivo qui vise à offrir une expérience interactive, guidant l’utilisateur au travers des processus de prévente, de vente et d’après-vente pour tous les types d’assurances. Bien que l’outil soit dans un état avancé tant au niveau de la conversation écrite qu’orale, et ce aussi bien en français qu’en anglais, son amélioration se heurte aux exigences computationnelles lourdes pour l’entraînement des modèles d’apprentissage automatique sous-jacent.

Caractérisation d’espèces fongiques du Canada et du Rwanda

Les champignons produisent une panoplie de molécules qui ont des utilisations multiples dans plusieurs domaines tel que dans l'industrie agroalimentaire, les applications environnementales via la biodégradation de déchets et rejets industriels, et la médecine. Des composés issus de plusieurs champignons ont démontré une capacité à inhiber des virus et des bactéries, ralentir des maladies neurologiques et neutraliser la prolifération de certaines cellules cancéreuses.